Faking Health and Beauty!!

And I continue working on the my Abs today. I am seeing results with my butts and legs, but belly fat seems hard to loose. I spent like 30 minutes doing Abs out of which 15 minutes were purely dedicated to attacking the lower belly fat. I ended up the exercise with 15 minutes of climbing stairs.

I basically did these 5 moves:
– Roll up
– Double and single straight leg lowers
– All different kinds of planks


Hi all,

Sorry for not updating the blog for so many days, but that does not mean that I am not working out. Well, today is a rest day for me. And I have been doing the exercises daily according to my schedule. The workout ends with 15-20 minutes of cardio which is climbing a flight of 568 stairs. I used to get very tired on the stairs in the first week, but its getting better now. Yesterday I climbed that beast twice! It has greatly boosted the confidence in me. Somehow, I feel running is not meant for me and I start huffing and puffing very soon. But, since I started doing the stairs, even running is improving. I am happy with the results so far :). Lets see whats there in the box next week.



Hi Readers,

I am really excited to share my workout calendar for this month. I have decided to workout for atleast 45 minutes 5-6X every week. I’ll try to push and increase the time to 1 hour next month. I try to introduce a lot of variety in my workouts so that I don’t get bored. Finding out what I’ll be doing in the evening keeps me motivated throughout the day. Whenever I get a couple of minutes break from the office work, I just love to surf about new exercises. I have membership of a gym where I rarely go 😀 (even though its just 5 mins walk away from ma office). But, I really wanna loose that belly fat. So, I got a resistance band, dumbbells and stability ball at home. These things were really inexpensive. I got them from Amazon:

Price: 50 USD

These dumbells can be configured for different weights starting from 2 lbs to 20 lbs each which I think is pretty awesome. If you buy dumbbells of different weights, it turns out to be a quite expensive affair.

And here’s my gym ball with resistance band and a pump too! (pretty good deal, huh):

Price: 21 USD

This month I am trying climbing stairs and Pilates(All Thanks To Cassey for awesome pylo moves and her workout calendar of the month). And yes, its just killing. My muscles get so sore the next day.

Happy Reading!


That heart right there inside me is envy of seeing those girls with size 0 figure and everyday it makes up a plan to workout after getting back home from office. I’ll keep on browsing for workout calendars and subscribing to fitness newsletters for hours in the office. And the moment I enter my apartment in evening, hehe, its all gone 😀

But man, I am getting married in less than 6 months!! Its high time that I move my butt :D. I have never been able to keep up to my resolutions of hitting the gym regularly or taking care of myself every weekend. May be writing a blog would help me keep on track.

I hope I wont discontinue blogging and keep posting my daily fitness and beauty experiments!!

And that’s how everything begins for a software engineer 😀